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Quartz Mountain
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The Oklahoma Arts Institute's permanent home is at Quartz Mountain Arts and Conference Center. Quartz Mountain is a state-run resort park located twenty miles north of Altus in southwestern Oklahoma.

New Facility at Quartz Mountain

Artist's Rendering of the Quartz Mountain Performance Hall
Made possible by Richard Brown Associates, Architects

Artist's Renderings of the Quartz Mountain Lodge

The New Quartz Mountain Arts & Conference Center
The Oklahoma Arts Institute has a permanent home at the Quartz Mountain Arts and Conference Center in southwestern Oklahoma. Unfortunately, in February of 1995, the lodge at Quartz Mountain was partially destroyed by fire. In partnership with the Oklahoma State Legislature and the State Department of Tourism and Recreation, the Oklahoma Arts Institute has worked to develop plans for a state-of-the-art Arts and Conference Center at the Quartz Mountain site to replace the old lodge. The new Arts and Conference Center includes 118 new lodge rooms, expanded dining and conference facilities, hiking and biking trails, and a 700-seat performance hall. Construction of the state-of-the-art facility is nearly complete. The Institute will return to Quartz Mountain for the 2001 Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute. Quartz Mountain

The Quartz Mountain Environment
The Quartz Mountains are an offshoot of the Wichita mountain range, and form a unique and beautiful environment for the Arts Institute's programs. These are old mountains, looking like great mounds of tumbled pink and gray granite boulders rising abruptly from the surrounding plains, and weathered into surprising shapes and formations. Lake Altus-Lugert, a man-made irrigation lake, lies at the center. The land was held sacred by the Kiowa and Comanche Indians for generations. We feel that the place retains an element of the mystical and sacred which contributes to the overall atmosphere of the Arts Institutes.

Quartz Mountain park forms a great rocky nest: a buffer zone between the eastern and western United states sheltering a variety of species of plants and animals from both regions. Huge turkey buzzards circle in the air columns over the mountains, and deer graze along the roadside. The bobcat and coyote can be seen, as well as the rare ring-tailed cat and the great horned owl. The American Bald Eagle winters at Quartz Mountain in large numbers, and white pelicans, osprey and Canadian geese all migrate through the area each year.

Recreation at Quartz Mountain
Quartz Mountain Arts and Conference center offers a variety of recreational options for the park visitor. Water-skiing, fishing and jet-skiing are popular summer sports. The park includes a system of hiking and biking trails, an 18-hole golf course, and paddle boats. It is a favorite spot for rock-climbers, photographers and bird-watchers. The north fork of the Red River runs through the park, and each year in the fall, hundreds of trout are released there for the annual "trout derby" in which participants fish for tagged, prize-winning trout.

Visitors to the park may choose to stay in clean, well-maintained camp grounds, or in rented accommodations through Quartz Mountain lodge. The new lodge will have 118 comfortable hotel rooms, and Quartz Mountain also offers cabin and duplex accommodations. Cabins have two bed-rooms, fireplaces and kitchenettes, plus a fold-out bed in the living area. Duplexes have one bedroom, kitchenettes, and a fold-out bed. For large groups, dormitory accommodations are also available. Cabin and duplex accommodations are available for rent now. The new Arts & Conference Center lodge is currently taking reservations for spring/summer 2001.

Quartz Mountain Art Collection
The Quartz Mountain Art Collection embodies the commitment to excellence in the arts that has become a hallmark of the Oklahoma Arts Institute. Owned by the Oklahoma Arts Institute, a large portion of the Collection is on permanent loan to the State of Oklahoma for exhibit in the Quartz Mountain Arts and Conference Center. Created by faculty artists and students of the Institute, the Collection holdings include approximately 300 works in the media of photography, drawing, painting, and sculpture. Sculptures by Allan Houser and Fritz Scholder, a series of eight murals by Mike Larsen, two Earth Totems by Don Nice, and a series of serigraphs by Dan Kiacz are among the most prominent of the Collection holdings.

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