OFAI 2004: Workshops in the Performing Arts and Arts Integration for Educators
October 21-24, 2004
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Advanced Choral Voices
Jefferson Johnson, Lexington, Kentucky
Jefferson Johnson is Director of Choral Activities at the University of Kentucky where he conducts the University Chorale, UK Choristers, and Men's Chorus. He is Music Director of the Lexington Singers, a 180-voice community chorus that performs with the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra. Each year the UK Chorale produces an instructional video in partnership with Kentucky Educational Television as a resource for the state's high school choral directors. Johnson's recently released video, Ready...Set...Sing! has been featured at music educators' conventions throughout the United States. This workshop is designed for the conductor/teacher of voices ranging from junior high school students to adults. Participants will read through choral literature and will learn creative rehearsal techniques, the use of kinesthetic approaches, and a basic understanding of learning styles in the choral rehearsal. Games and video cameras will be used to assess the strengths and weaknesses of participants' conducting styles in a peer-mentoring environment.

DanceSport in the Schools
Amanda Austin Campbell, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Amanda Austin Campbell is a former World 10-Dance Champion and former World Theatrical Champion. She is an experienced ballroom dancer and teacher and is actively engaged in promoting ballroom dance as an art and a sport to both the young and the elderly. This ballroom dance workshop is designed for beginners: teachers, administrators and community leaders interested in establishing DanceSport programs in their schools and/or communities. Participants will learn social dancing basics and curriculum for rhumba, cha-cha, meringue, salsa, swing, tango, waltz and fox trot. This workshop began two years ago with the help of Andrew Smart and the World Dance Foundation, and has led to DanceSport's integration into selected Oklahoma schools where Campbell teaches students in grades 4-6 to ballroom dance.

Arts Integration Workshops for Educators
Children learn naturally through engaging experiences which show the logical connections between concepts. Integrating the arts with other curriculum makes learning come alive. Lessons incorporating the arts show connections, create memorable experiences, and imbed concepts in memory that can be readily retained and recalled. Introducing the arts in to everyday classroom instruction creates a climate of enjoyment, respect and pride for teachers and students alike.

Oklahoma Arts Institute is partnering with Oklahoma A+ Schools to bring powerful arts integration workshops and ideas to Oklahoma classroom teachers. Excellent facilitators engage participants in arts experiences that are tied directly to PASS objectives. The art forms of dance, drama, music, and visual art are shared with connections to mathematics, science, literacy, and social studies, and an additional session will be presented on Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences. Participants will rotate through all five sessions in the course of the arts integration weekend and will leave with the tools and confidence to begin to use the arts in their classrooms immediately. A closing session together will allow for shared learning and will show how these experiences can be brought into a context of the whole school.

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